A PC Classic Console Makes Sense

written by Kris Caballero (January 15, 2019)

PC Classic logo
A lot of these 'classic' consoles have made it into the consumer market, making it easier for video gamers to catch up on retro games that are otherwise either too time consuming to shop for and/or too expensive to purchase (the retro video game market is still inflated). Better yet, these 'classic' consoles are modernized to be compatible with your HDTV, even though there are video gamers already trying to get these consoles to display properly on their 4K TVs. Oh man....

Of all the classics, this is possibly a great idea: A PC Classic! One YouTuber critiqued that this was nostalgia taken too far, but we beg to differ. PC gaming attracts another audience, and personally speaking, the PC was the first console ever played before the famous NES. This isn't nostalgia taken too far, it's a respect to one of the oldest gaming platforms that's holding on just fine, thanks to DOS gamers and modern PC gamers.

Why so?

Anyone who collects video games seldom scratches onto the library of PC/DOS surface. Whether it's something they grew up with or not, a video game collector will find that the PC library of games are tough work. There are so many variants of games, straight from their video game console counterparts, that are incredibly rare or difficult to find in floppy disk/CD form. Worse, you need a specific device that can extract the .exe files from the floppy disks to run on a modern computer—something to which you can download the free, emulated title from readily available websites out there providing these games for free. Makes you wonder: Should a collector still tackle in taking a shot at the PC library of games? Oh, and the boxes for a lot of these games are just as hard to find as the games themselves. Being that the boxes were made irregularly also makes them hard to display, but that's besides the point. The PC library featured a unique library of games that a lot of people took for granted; Gamers either got rid of it, or preserved it without ever opening the game again. This is why PC games are so hard to find because they were rarely preserved, much in the same way the original NES boxes were never treated as such.

PC Classic console

With a modern console like this PC Classic, it eases a lot of the pain from searching and snatching a copy of the games (for the most part, as this console comes with 30 built-in games). Also, this console brings attention to PC classics a lot of us remembered like Commander Keen into the fore-front. This is as classic as you can get, back when the Atari 2600 and the Commodore 64 were the consoles that reigned surpreme.

What was the first PC game you played (besides Minesweeper)? Are you looking forward to the PC Classic? Let's talk in the comments section below!

(Check out this fantastic console to be released this year at PCClassic.org and check out the masterminds behind this project at Unit-e!)

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