Paying Our Respects To Pixels (2015)

written by Kris Caballero (February 04, 2018)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their new year!

Whether you watched the movie or not, we want to take the time to show our respects for the 2015 film Pixels. It doesn't matter what the biased pricks at Rotten Tomatoes say, as their ratings have destroyed decent films and their box offices, but thankfully with this website, we can deter that. How ever you feel about Adam Sandler, actors like him aren't the concern. Based off a short film by Patrick Jean, directed by Chris Columbus (yeah, really), including the plethora of folks who helped out with the amazing graphical animation, someone like me have stood up to applause for a job well done.

Why? Not only is it video game based with a straight-forward story, but how the characters got together to eliminate enemies using their video gaming knowledge to knock them out. Yeah, this is as nerdy as you can get, but you know, there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, the 3D renders of the video game characters and enemies in the movie are very well done! I mean that, it's as accurate as you can get. Oh, and after you watch this movie, you'll want to make Q*Bert your best friend—even rummaging through your video game collection to pop in a game playing some Q*Bert.

Cool, so why the low ratings? My guess is that majority of the people aren't familiar with the video game characters nor the video gaming terms/phrases, both of which inject the life in this film. Sure, Pac-man may be known, but very few remember, or played Centipede, Galaga and Donkey Kong. The only video game character majority of people know happens to be Mario, who doesn't make an appearance here. (This movie refers to the earlier days before Mario starred in his own game. On Donkey Kong, Mario was known as "Jumpman.")

I was surprised this movie got low ratings, which propelled me to write an entry (rightfully so since winter season was crazy busy). I feel that those who gave this a low rating are folks who aren't knowledgeable about old video games, and/or are social justice warriors—SJWs—who find this film not worthy enough to cause a massive outcry because it doesn't have offensive dialogue that they can complain about. I'm also sure that the folks at Rotten Tomatoes would find that video games are a waste of time.

Adam Sandler in the film Pixels (2015)

Actually, they're right: video games are a waste of time. We should all go outside and complain about things that we find offensive, even if it really isn't. Why are leaves of a tree colored green? To represent the Tea Party? Yeah that's offensive if you're Republican, Democratic, Independent, Libertarian or some other political party you're supporting. We should boycott trees for conspiring to get us to side with the Tea Party when we all have a right to affiliate with whatever party we want to. Let's keep finding things to complain about to show other countries that we've got no lives, no jobs and no feeling in finding something to where we can associate and connect with other people. We should all stick our faces in our smartphones and refuse to do anything meaningful as a country with each other and even for ourselves.


Long live video games. Whether the games are good, bad, old and/or new, you're playing them and that's all that matters. If people can't come to terms with each other or even themselves, then it isn't their fault for finding/doing something that's fun, challenging and leisure to eradicate one's boredom. With that said, this movie Pixels actualized our simple imaginations where we ponder that one day when using all your video gaming skills could be vital in saving the country and the people's lives.

Here's our personal salute to Patrick Jean, Chris Columbus and the rest of the cast and crew for making Pixels happen. If there shall be a sequel, we will watch it. Thank you to the ladies and gentlemen for the movie.

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