At The Buzzer!

written by Kris Caballero (August 05, 2015)

Under pre-production for our new web series-launch Handheld Niño, it was late at night. There I am recording my gameplay for the first time: Wheel Of Fortune for the Game Boy. Nothing doing, just another puzzle game based off of the long-running syndicated game show.

Since there is no difficulty mode, to change the difficulty, the game is relatively a breeze (unless you openly give the computer opponent a chance). However, just so I don't embarrass myself in solving the bonus round puzzle after all my hard work, I was actually a bit nervous. And that includes the help of the consonants and the vowel chosen prior to solving it.

I don't know about you, but I stick with the TV show's choices: R S T L N E. Unless you're an alphabet-obsessed junkie—an adroit linguist—I see no reason to choose other letters beside these, which have been used on the show for years. How did I do? Did I solve it? Take a look:

Talk about luck. I love how the final puzzle also sort of mocks my moment in trying to cram everything I can think of in solving this puzzle. As you noticed, typing letters at random helped a bit.

As much as I was relieved, the splash screen of the $25,000 I won wasn't much to look at but it was good to know that I won. I only wished Nintendo created a Game Boy attachment where we can obtain our $25,000 winnings from this game—a hoard of $100 bills spewing out of the console.

Speaking of which Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire is available! Play now: