Tell us about Daisy, Mario

written by Kris Caballero (July 01, 2015)

The woman Mario happily saves, whom we've also grown along with, goes by the 'cute' name of Princess Peach (Toadstool). She may be a little too young for someone like me to make a cat-calling remark I want to provide on this sentence but I'll hold off on it. Enter: Super Mario Land where our hero Mario is on a quest to save the damsel in distress who goes by the name....Daisy.

I didn't mind much knowing that Mario is saving another lovely lady from a world of chaos. However, just when it all soaked in that it wasn't Peach (Toadstool) but Daisy, I was a little bit confused. Although it was her debut, there wasn't much interaction or cut scenes to get a full grasp of who she is (she becomes more and more frequent in the later years appearing on other video games). The only interactive part from her is at the very end when she runs to Mario with a big kiss, then they both run to the SkyPop and fly away happily. What about the other folks, Mario, like Toad, Luigi and Peach? Oh that's right, they all didn't appear in this game.

Websites like Ashley Madison's try to bust the theory that there is an erotic spark when cheating, making this heroic quest of Mario's a valid one. Depending on who, where and how you were raised, cheating is automatically frowned upon. At times, a second chance is nearly nil with the partner you cheated on. If that's what went on here, then who's to say that what Mario did was wrong, even if meant saving a girl in trouble? Daisy was featured in a comic so I suppose there's a brief story to be said about this. I'm not sure if Peach got into a cat-fight with Daisy but if this was real life, many women will have mixed feelings about such story (especially if you're the one in Peach's shoes). Actually you know, if it was real life, what are the odds that a man, say in a happy relationship, saves a woman's life who was his ex? Is that cheating?

Anyway, I reviewed this game and also produced a podcast episode about this game in its entirety. While I praise the programmers for producing yet a true classic that sold millions of copies in an instant, the gratification of this game's challenge isn't without a clear backlog of the story of Mario's quest. Now listen, I'm not hatin' here, but to some who are unclear with the story need a true understanding of what's going on (even though the story is relatively simple).

You're weird, Mario, but you're still cool.

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