No Duck Is More Mega Than This

written by Kris Caballero (February 13, 2016)

If you're working for an organization specializing in wildlife reserve/preservation, or if you just like animal watching, you've landed on the wrong page. While I have no shame sharing a picture of the most "mega" duck my camera has ever captured, it's not that literal. This article is about an extremely rare handheld gaming system with the most odd name in video game history. I'm sure there are worse, but this....this!

Handheld fans, I've done all I could to find the meaning behind the name and more. Being that everything is coming into spotlight online, alas, my efforts brought me nothing. The company has long been defunct canceling the plan to contact former employees and upper management teams for an interview about this handheld. Any of us can come up with an outrageously, fictional story behind the meaning to the point where everyone begins to believe it (Reddit users, rejoice!). Then when that day comes, former bosses, management teams and employees will step into the spotlight and try to deny the crazy story about it to lay down the truth in order to silence the portable gaming crowd. We don't know for sure but I'm just thinking ahead.

This unit was produced to jump into the portable gaming bandwagon, as Nintendo's Game Boy was a huge hit, let alone other gaming companies that tried to compete and cash in with their handhelds such as the Game Gear, the Lynx and the Turbo Express to name a few. Being that it was the early nineties during the Mega Duck's release, how would fellow gamers react knowing you've gotten a unit with a weird name? "Hey guys, I got a Mega Duck!" I mean, that's not even a joke (not anymore since this handheld never succeeded).

Try not to think too hard, but hear the name: "Mega Duck." Not even the world's top scholars/writers would've even strung letters together to combine words like that.

Anyway, if this weird-named handheld doesn't make it to the top list of rare handheld systems, the fact that a German company named Hartung had one released with their name on the system—an ultra-rare black version. Hartung was the company that released another ultra-rare, but unsuccessful, Game Master, but at least their name for a handheld wasn't as atrocious. It's nice that the European markets tried to jump on in to try and create something cool in competition with the Japanese and American markets. However, the number of units sold and the commonality of a handheld's name, game library and third-party support should speak for itself.

Creatronic's rare Mega Duck, black and white versions

I personally don't know, nor have I grew up with, anyone who have sported a Mega Duck while all of us had the awesome handhelds like the Game Boy. I would like to talk and briefly interview that one person who did, and how s/he went about in the video gaming circles. It may not be any different, but you never know.

What do you think? Do you own one, or have you owned one before? Do you want to own one for your video game collection? Why or why not? Let's talk.

Update (05-04-2016): Check out our review of the Mega Duck/Cougar Boy at!

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