"Alleyway" Rhymes with "No Way"

written by Kris Caballero (June 07, 2015)

Being one of the first games ever released for Nintendo's hit handheld, the Game Boy, not too many folks have said much about this simple game of block-breaking fun. Featuring characters from the Super Mario series, people should be jumping on in for it. Nope. If Mario was featured a little bit more on the box cover and on the game, I'd say people would've picked it up whether it's a bad game or not.

Hard to say that this is a bad game because the premise is very simple: break all the blocks you see and you advance to the next level. This game isn't very generous with second, third, fourth, or even the nine-thousandth chance in terms of power-ups (there isn't any) and/or anything that gives the paddle some spunk that'll help the player wipe out the blocks in an instant. It's very monotonous and slow, and worse, I find it hard to beat! This is normally I level I always lose at—Stage 9. I mean, damn.

I don't know. Perhaps I'll wait another four years, like I did with Bomberman GB until I can be sure I'll progress farther in this game. I've never seen this game beaten.


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